Friday, October 28, 2011

I Feel Like Someone's Watching Me

I've found the drug called Pinterest, and it is mighty.  On it, I found a monster wreath

And it had instructions.

The instructions called for buying furry fabric, but I couldn't find it at Giant Soulsucking Store, so I went with one of those giant fuzzy pillows you buy to put in a kid's room.*

I carefully ripped part of a seam out, thanking my parents again for putting together a sewing kit for me to take to college.  I pulled out all the stuffing, imminently relieved that it wasn't stuffed with used hypodermics and the tears of children.

Just really icky stuffing.

I turned the pillow inside out, cut small slits and put ping pong balls through the slits.  Then I hot glued the heck out of the openings with a borrowed hot glue gun, burning my finger three times without too much pain.  The fourth hurt like a bitch.

That done, I took the dog on a walk so I wouldn't be tempted to touch it.  Patience has never been my strong suit. 

I came back, turned the pillow right side out, restuffed, and sewed up the hole in the seam.  Out came the Sharpie.

I'm giving it to a friend for Christmas, and she will squeal with glee.

*By kid, I mean me, obviously.


  1. It's ADORABLE! Well done!

  2. I've heard too much about Pinterest... I don't think I can afford the habit.
    Now about that pillow... I'm glad you have ... friends! LOL