Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Presents Revealed

Today I have a roundup of finished projects.  Some of these have been done for a very long time and sat waiting patiently for a friend's birthday.

Clock Cozy and Sugar Maple socks, 
both knit in Knitpick's Felici in the Afternoon colorway

Entrelac Cap, knit in Knitpick's Chroma Worsted in the Roller Skate colorway

This hat was one of the most enjoyable items to knit that I've found.  I have no idea why it was so fun, but it was better than watching Britcoms while drinking iced coffee.

I knit these owl mittens to match the hat.  Chroma has a very long color repeat, so it does some strangely interesting things.

Spillyjane's Owl Mittens,
 knit in Knitpick's Palette in Black and Chroma Fingering in Roller Skate

I think the back is just as beautiful as the front.  I've knit a few pair of fancy mittens now, and I've done at least three different patterns for the back.  I used this pattern on the Fornicating Deer Mitts as well.  Those were also done in Chroma, although in a different colorway.  I think Knitpicks should either a) hire me, b) send me free yarn, or c) go public so at least I could buy stock in it.  The amount of yarn I buy from there is a bit staggering, and there's no sign of me being able to stop.  Oh, well.  It's better than a crack habit.

I'm nearing the end of a mammoth project, so hopefully I'll be able to talk about that later in the week.  For now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that the tubular bind-off isn't going to be the kryptonite I fear it is.

I hope you're having a great week!

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