Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weaving and Stabbing

Back in August, Mom and I took a weaving class.  I ended up with this:

Mom was horrified by my lack of color, but I love gray and wanted the sweater to go with any of my coats.  In spite of gray being my go-to color, I'm not at all afraid of bright color.  I have a blue, lime green, and deep purple coat.  I think a gray scarf would be fine with any of them.

When I finished the scarf though, I had to admit it was horribly boring.  It took several months, but this morning I got out my new needlefelting stuff I'd been given for Christmas and some roving my mom was given by a student, and armed with those tools and a cookie cutter got to work.

To needlefelt, you put a small amount of roving (wool after it's cleaned, combed, and dyed but before it's spun) onto the top of your cloth and repeatedly stab it with the needle felting tool.  The fibers mesh together so the top roving stays put on the cloth.

I'm amused by the flowers and think they brighten up the scarf. 


  1. Oh, that is sooo very pretty and cool! I'd love doing that needle felting (one more thing for my list now!).

  2. Fun! I bet you'll get people asking where you bought it =)