Monday, January 31, 2011

Crossed Off The List

Resolution #4 is complete!

The picture below shows the homage to the '70s we were doing with our cushions.  The blue and red are from our couch now.  The orange, brown, brown plaid and fuzzy gold are the cushions we wanted redone.

Apparently we're going to get a storm that will shut everything down for a bit, so the upholsterers called and asked if I could meet them at my house on my lunch hour so they could be sure to get the delivery done before Stormageddon.

The brown and fuzzy gold chairs both got covered with this:
 and will live in our living room.  It was tricky to pick upholstery that would help tie these chairs into the rest of our belongings.  Our life looks a bit like an Ikea store, albeit a lot messier.  I think the contemporary fabric helps the chairs look like they belong.

Who am I kidding?  We just liked the spots.

The plaid became this:
 and will live in Andrew's hobby room, which has a bunch of comics, Reds memorabilia, and two bright red walls.  There's a pattern on this, but it's subtle and didn't photograph.

The orange became this:

 and will live in our bedroom.  The top three chairs were all garage sale finds.  The leaf chair was Andrew's grandparents, and he had a hard time deciding to let go of the orange (super scratchy) upholstery.  When we found this bit of fabulous fabric, he changed his mind.  The fact that the orange cushion had a distinct bum imprint from years of use may have helped as well.

The piece I'm most excited about is the metamorphosis of this little chair.

It lived in the bedroom at my grandparents' that I slept in when I stayed with them.  It belonged to my mom as she was growing up, and it held no sentimental attachment for Mom or Grandfather.  This became clear when I discovered it in Grandfather's garage on a pile of junk.  He let me take it home, and it's been living in our garage until we got around to making the trip to the upholsterer.

Here it is finished!

I love it.  I love love love it.  It makes me feel like I'm a character in Alice in Wonderland.  It's going to live in the yarn guest room.  Now I'm wondering if it's time to paint that room....


  1. Is it against some kind of rule to complete a resolution before the end of January? It should be.

    Fabulous chairs. Congratulations!


  2. They all look great, but I'm especially taken with the blue chair. It just oozes whimsy and elegance!