Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Checking In

Because I've found I follow through if I publish things on the Internet I'm sure you're all dying to know my progress:

1.  I've decided my first order of business is to make the decision to either buy an external hard drive or clean off my mp3 player.  The mp3 player is full, and there is music on there I won't listen to.  On the other hand, it would be lots easier to move everything to a big hard drive.  On the third hand, moving things to a hard drive means I can't listen to it unless I'm with a computer, which is most of the time but not all the time.  I haven't started this because I can't decide the best course of action, but I'm working on it.

2.  Andrew and I both exercised last night.  I had a bad headache after, which is unfair, but I'm not sore today and plan to work out again tonight.  $1.50 earned.

3.  I'm ready for the toe on the second sock of a pair knit with yarn I already owned.  I started these before making my New Year's resolutions, but I've decided it still counts.  I'm contemplating what I will knit next.  It might be this.  (Ravelry link.  I can't find it on Vogue Knitting's site.  Sorry about that.)

4.  I have an appointment at 9:00 Saturday morning at the upholstery place.



  1. Progress indeed! Congratulations!


  2. How cute is the Ravelry log in page!? I want to frame it or something!