Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trees and Tees

We had bad thunderstorms last night. They woke us up around 2:00 a.m. This morning, we saw some of the destruction. One neighbor lost half a tree:

and another lost an entire tree:

Thankfully, we still have power, although lots of people don't. I'm grateful for buried electrical lines.

That level of destruction puts my most recent knitting disaster into perspective. The Fire Opal Tee is finished except for the sleeves. The pattern calls for a few rows of ribbing, keeping the sweater sleeveless. I'd planned to put 3/4 sleeves on it.

The problem is that it's too big. I think this sweater needs to be fairly tight so the dropped stitches really show. Here's the sweater with a pillow stuffed inside it:

Pretty, yes? When I'm wearing it, you can't see the dropped stitches well because of it being so loose.

My mom talked about putting a dart in it, but I have zero confidence in my sewing skills, and I worry that the cables would make a dart too bulky anyway. I think I'll frog it and reknit it later. I like knitting. This isn't a tragedy. It's... an opportunity for me to knit more. Yay?


  1. Yes, make it a size smaller and then block the ... life... out of it.

  2. I still vote for swimsuit coverup. or just wear it over some tight jeans and a bright tank? but I'd have to see it on you to have any other good ideas.