Monday, June 23, 2014

City Market Catacombs

On Saturday, a group of us did a little sightseeing in our own city, visiting the catacombs below Indy's City Market (tour info here).

The remaining above-ground portion of Tomlimson Hall

Tomlinson Hall was a two-story structure with the catacombs underneath. It was built in the 1880s and burned down in 1958. It was a large space; the second floor was an auditorium that could seat 3,500. Nobody seems to know what the catacombs were used for, but perhaps it was storage for the market vendors.

Most of the catacombs looked like this:

But there were a few surprises, such as a bicycle:

a circle of chairs that I'm pretty sure is used for a ghost support group:

and a brick that anyone my age recognizes immediately from watching Scooby Doo:

I'm sure if you press on that brick, a secret door opens. Sadly, it was in the arch over our heads, so we didn't get to try it out.

After the tour, we went into City Market for lunch. It's quite beautiful and wasn't swamped on Saturday like it is during the week.

 Windows in City Market



  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ghost support group -- ha! And I can't look at that brick without hearing "Ruh-roh!"

  3. OOoh tamales. I can't remember the last time I had a tamale ...