Monday, March 24, 2014

Rachael Herron!

Friday night, I went to IndyReads, a bookstore on Mass. Ave. for a book reading by Rachael Herron. There weren't a ton of us there (although a couple had left before we took this picture), so Rachael did a short reading and then we hung around and chatted and knitted.

(One of the women was a little tripped out by the proliferation of knitting. I suppose it is odd unless you know Rachael from the Cypress Hollow books.)

Her newest book is Pack Up the Moon. I purchased it Friday night (yay for signed copies!) but haven't read it. No matter. It will be fabulous. Every single thing she writes is fabulous. I love her books, her short stories, her blog. I'm guessing her grocery list has an excellent plot as well. She's that good. Go ahead and buy a copy now. I'll wait.


Excellent. You'll thank me later.

Now, a few of you will understand that it is a big deal that I went to this event. I rate so highly on the introversion scale that it's easy for me to decide that hanging out on my couch is better than hanging out with people. Most of the time this is fine, but for events like this in which I'd meet someone I admire, it's important for me to go regardless of my love for solitude and couch-ness. To thwart myself bailing at the last moment, I e-mailed Rachael and told her I was bringing her a yarn present. Once you tell someone you're bringing them yarn, you cannot not bring them yarn. So, I took my skein of Socks that Rock Lightweight in the Maia colorway, met Rachael, and had a delightful time. Yay!

Thanks, Rachael, for being awesome. I'm looking forward to reading Pack Up the Moon!


  1. You are my hero!

    Fellow introvert Lynn

  2. I couldn't find her grocery list for sale online, so I'm wondering, if I want to pick up one of her books (and I prefer knitting be in there), which one should I get first?
    KUDOS to you! :)

    1. How To Knit a Love Song is the first in the Cypress Hollow series. I'd start there.