Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bud Vases

I have a Pinterest board of things I think I'd like to make. Last night, I made one of them.

Vase #1

The tutorial for it is here, although you don't need much of a tutorial. Just purchase soft copper tubing from a hardware store, use needle nose pliers to break it into the size you want (I made three vases out of one coil), and bend into whatever shape you like. I bought test tubes from amazon to use as the bud vase. I didn't use epoxy to attach the test tube because I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to remove and wash it after I have a flower in it for awhile, and it will be easier to wash if it's separate from the stand. The copper tubing seems to hold the test tube with no problem, so I don't think the epoxy is necessary.

Vase #2

It's a great little project. It was very inexpensive to make, and I cut the daisy from a flower on my front porch. Having it on my desk today has brightened an otherwise difficult day.


  1. Awesome idea ! & excellent execution !

  2. Very nice! I'm thinking I need a desk... Errrrr, where else?

  3. Late to the party (what HAPPENED to September?) but those are FABULOUS!