Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Yarn on Big Needles

I adore knitting. However, I understand that many people equate it with a) rocking chairs, and/or b) horrifying sweaters sporting giant wildlife in silhouette. As for the first concern, I am not too bothered. The people who think my knitting hobby is geriatric are probably the same people who think reading is for losers. I pay no attention to them.

As for the second, well... I know. I have a little saying I like to tote out while looking through knitting magazines: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." There are a lot of ugly knitting patterns out there.

However, there are also some gorgeous ones. My next project is the Helleborus Yoke sweater. It's going to be gray. Or grey. I haven't decided. I've swatched, ripped out the swatch, changed needles, swatched again, puzzled over swatch, started sweater and now need to rip out the bit I've knitted 'cause I made a mistake on the first row.

Basically, it's going as expected.

I'm excited about it. It's strange to knit chunky yarn on big needles after doing so many socks. It feels like the project just flies. Of course, the project would fly more if I didn't have to rip out everything I knit, but I can't have everything.

When there's actually yarn in rows on needles, I'll insert a picture. For now, look at the yarn and the sweater photo and imagine how awesome it's going to be.

Nice, right?

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  1. OMG--LOL, "sporting wildlife in giant silhouette"--I can't stop giggling! I loved this cardigan when I saw it in KS--in fact, I just ran to get my copy out to look at it again! Great color choice. I am a little cardigan-burnt-out after my Diminished Rib project--which I am an inch shy of finishing, and made mine in gray/grey, also! And you are right, knitting "perceptions" really are outdated. Though, honestly, I will probably be in a nursing home, in a rocker, with knitting needles in hand. . .someday!