Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I just had a brilliant idea. If I owned a store specializing in products for other weird, OCD types such as myself, I would make a bowl that had two distinct halves--probably in a yin/yang shape because, well, that makes sense to me.

What would this bowl be for?

Wait for it...

You could put hot apple crisp in one side and ice cream in the other. That way you could get the perfect spoonful of cold ice cream and hot apple crisp for the entire bowl instead of the current situation of ONE perfect bite and then lukewarm apple crisp swimming in a pool of melted ice cream for the rest of your dessert.*

The truly great thing about this idea is that when people look at you like you're a whackadoo, you can look shocked and indignant, point to the bowl, and say incredulously, "But that's what it's MADE for."

Someone should pay me for this idea.**

* Yes, apple crisp is in the oven. Why do you ask?

** Andrew swears there was a marketing campaign by Gargantuan Restaurant That Shall Not Be Named And Whose Symbol Is a Double Yellow Arch about a container that did this very thing. "The hot stays hot and the cold stays cold." I am disappointed and trying to decide if I should pretend he didn't say anything.

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