Monday, June 20, 2016

Falling Stars Completely Fallen

Well, kids, it's finished.

Falling Stars (mine ravelled here),

It took more than one try, but I finally figured out how to sew the ribbon over the raw edge of the steek, and I'm fairly happy with the way that looks. I'm very happy that the steek has no chance of unraveling.

I hemmed the cuffs instead of ribbing them. I hemmed the body as well. 

The sleeves, even after blocking aggressively, are tight. I wish the whole sweater were a little bigger, to be honest. This cannot be discussed anymore because it will make me weep. Sweaters are a bitch.

I am glad I skipped the purl stitches in the pattern. I think the colorwork turned out great.

I'm glad I knit this. I'm even going to submit it to the State Fair. I want people who get how much work went into it to see it. Done and dusted.


  1. Hooray, it's done! You Look Mahvelous!

  2. Wow! I absolutely LOVE it! It's just got to win a First Place Blue Ribbon!