Friday, February 14, 2014

The Ravellenic Games Have Begun!

I love participating in the Ravellenic Games. It's fun to have a concrete goal for the Olympics time period, and I like to poke around and see what other people are knitting. 

In 2010, I made Leyburn socks for the Sock Hockey event as part of Team Blue Moon (for Blue Moon Fiber Arts).

In 2012, I entered the shawl event with a Clapotis.

For 2014, I decided to make mittens my sister requested for her March birthday. They fit in the colorwork event, the hands event, and even the rainbowllenics because of the yarn I'm using.

Things were going really well. Really, they were. Then I realized as I got farther and farther along in the mitten that it seemed really long. I tried it on, and it nearly covered my fingertips.

I hadn't started the decreases yet. 

Things ended up looking like this:

You'll note that there also is water all over everything in that photo. In the midst of ripping back, I also dropped my water glass and drenched everything.

I frogged 1.25" of colorwork, but when I picked up the stitches again I kept getting the wrong color. I am too embarrassed to tell you how long I worked with it until a very kind friend said, "Can't you just pick up the stitches a few rows below?" Ah. Yes.

I carefully picked up one leg of each stitch on the round with spare needles, THEN pulled out the needles at the top and frogged back to where the stitches were sitting securely on the spares.

I finished the first mitten last night, and I feel much better about my chances of successfully completing them before the Olympics end than I did two days ago.

Is anyone else knitting for the Ravellenic Games?


  1. I'm knitting for TeamGB in the Ravellenics. My first project has 7 rows to go, so just that last bit to do. I've set myself the challenge of 4 different projects in total: I might be a bit behind at the moment. I do love the camaraderie of the games (and I absolutely LOVE watching winter sports on tv).

  2. not me. I'm just knitting for fun and looking fwd to Iknitarod. Decided I didn't two knit challenges so close together. :)
    mitts look great. glad you got that sorted!

    1. Decided that I didn't prefer two knit challenges that is.