Monday, February 24, 2014

Danima banksiae socks

Turns out that I could get the socks finished as part of the Ravellenics. Yay!

Danima banksiae socks (mine ravelled here),

I was in between sizes and chose the larger one, and they fit well. There's a lot of stretch in these because of the lace pattern. This yarn was probably as busy as this pattern can handle--there's a lot more black in the yarn that the photos pick up. It took me until partway through the second sock to really "get" the pattern. This is no fault of the pattern--it just takes me awhile to really see what's happening. Knitting is an act of faith for me. I knit and trust that the directions will take me somewhere lovely, and I'm often halfway through the project before I can tell if that's true or not.

I used these as my second Ravellenics project. They fit in lots of categories: Sock Hockey (eventsock), Lace Luge (eventlace), Single Skein Speed Skate (eventsingleskein), and Stash Skeleton (eventstash)!

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