Thursday, January 9, 2014

Creature of Habit

I dislike having too many projects on the needles at once. It makes me twitchy. There are times, though, when you have to have something mindless as well as something interesting. Holiday knitting, for me, needs to be easy. I need to be able to do it when my stomach is full of mashed potatoes.

Socks for Andrew are the answer.

Blue-Green Zauberballs (mine ravelled here),

Gradients for Andrew (mine ravelled here),

The gradient socks have four mini-skeins. Knit the first skein until about halfway down the leg, then knit 2 rounds of the color 2, 4 rounds of the color 1, 4 rounds of the color 2, and then 2 more rounds of the color 1, then back to color 2 until the heel flap.

Alternate color 2 and color 3 on the heel flap, then do the same striping on the gusset with colors 2 and 3 that you did with 1 and 2. About halfway down the foot, switch to color 4 and do the same striping with colors 3 and 4. Finish up the foot with color 4.

Andrew was up for swapping the order on the second sock, so I did.

After the gradient socks, I started a shawl/scarf/wrappy thing for me. I had a question about the pattern, so while I was waiting to hear back from the designer about that, I started another pair of socks.

Poem for Andrew (mine ravelled here),

At some point, we won't need more socks. However, my world looks like this right now:

So I think I'm safe to knit as many warm layers as I'd like.

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