Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's December, and everyone knows that means there's tons getting done and nothing that can be made public. 

I did, however, embroider another pillowcase.

I have no interest in being perfect at embroidery. Imperfection is a-okay. I like to do it, and that's enough. I'm not averse to learning though. From this pillowcase, I learned that I really need to wash the fabric first. I didn't, and it puckered on the far left.

I found the lotus online as part of a coloring page, I think. I used carbon transfers from Sublime Stitching to put the design on the case. The swirls I sort of freehanded, which taught me that I need to be better about covering the carbon lines with floss. I had trouble getting them to come out in the wash.

I have another pillowcase planned, and I expect to keep doing little projects like this until it isn't fun anymore.


  1. that looks really pretty! well done. :)

  2. That is gorgeous! And it makes me wish I liked doing embroidery more, because I use carbon transfers on my ceramics and who wouldn't like a matching embroidered tea towel with a teacup?!