Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hanukah Miracle

Andrew has a shelf in the yarn storage dedicated to yarn he's picked out for himself. I grabbed a skein of Fleece Artists's Hand Maiden Casbah Sock in Phoenix (Andrew has excellent taste) to make him socks.
That yarn is delightful. Squishy, pretty, and very soft. I believe I will need to buy a skein for myself.
It has 325 meters, which is 355 yards. More than once I've run out of yarn making socks. I like the legs to be fairly tall, and I've screwed up a pair for me and a pair for Andrew.* I was determined not to make that mistake again.
I don't particularly like toe-up, but that's because I think increasing is fiddlier (technical term) than decreasing. There was no way around it. Toe-up would be the smartest way to utilize the yardage and make sure I didn't up with a toe of a different color.**
Time Traveler Socks (mine raveled here),
Not only did I have plenty of yarn to make these socks the height I wanted, but I had enough leftover to make a surprise Christmas something.
Four of them.
I couldn't understand it. How could I have plenty of this yarn when I ran out of similar yardages? The Silkies socks I made for Andrew had the same yardage in the skein as these. The stitch pattern was similar. The needle size was smaller for the Silkies socks than for the Time Traveler Socks. It just didn't make any sense.
Then I looked at the calendar. It's Hanukah. My friends, I believe I've experienced my own Hanukah miracle. I am thankful to the spirit of the Maccabees. Knit on.
*It's a painful story.
**I'm looking at you, Lycaena virgaureae socks.


  1. well done!
    I do think it's lovely of you to still be a BMFA fan after running out of yarn. twice.