Monday, November 11, 2013

Felt Ornaments

I'm not even sure what started it. It was probably Pinterest. You know how it is.

I became obsessed with felt Christmas ornaments. Yesterday, I made a dachshund for my mom with similar coloring as her dog, Oscar. (Get it? OSCAR WEINER?!)

Inspiration from here (scroll down)

I made a chicken one for a cousin who raises chickens and collects chicken-related stuff.

Inspiration from here

And I made a couple Star Wars ones for a friend who is a Big Fan.

Inspiration from here

These are fun and fast. Well, relatively fast. These are fast if you're comparing them to knitting. (That's another positive thing about knitting. It's changed my perception of time. Stuff like this doesn't take long. The fabric already exists! I'm not making it from string!) They're also really inexpensive to make. Sheets of felt were $0.29, so I bought a rainbow's worth for a few dollars.

Want to see some others that caught my eye? How about these vintage-looking ones, this fancy one, these that are probably easy if you understand how to use a sewing machine (I don't, particularly), and these are beautiful. Have fun!


  1. any chance I can hire you to quilt some baby blankets for me? no? sigh. :)

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