Thursday, August 1, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond

I started the sweater! I knit a gauge swatch and washed it. I was taking no chances that the knitting gods would decide to smite me for not doing the proper prep work.

My gauge isn't perfect. Over 4", I'm getting an extra half-stitch, and my row gauge is a bit short. However, the stitch gauge is close enough that changing needle sizes would make it worse, and the row gauge will handle itself since most of the instructions involving length tell me to knit to a specific length, not to knit a specific number of rows.


I knit last night for a couple episodes of Dollhouse*. At the end, I spread it out to admire it.

I created a twist when I joined to work in the round.

I did the only thing I could do in that situation. I shoved it into a bag and picked up something that is knit straight.

In garter stitch.

At times like this, I need to remind myself that I know how to knit. I'll get back to the sweater soon.

*Yes, I realize it's not 2009. We're just now watching this on Netflix. Don't tell me anything that happens.


  1. All I want to say about Dollhouse is that it gets really weird but a lot better towards the end - the acting just gets better and better, especially with a couple of the male characters. I don't want to say which ones. But I wish I could see some of that over again for the first time, it was just that spectacular and fun. :-)

    (Sorry about your Möbius strip....)

  2. I enjoyed Dollhouse. I don't throw stones. We just finished Jericho.