Thursday, August 22, 2013

Polyommatus argiolus Socks

A project is finished and photographed. It feels like a miracle.

Polyommatus argiolus sock (mine ravelled here),
Budding Twig colorway

These are from Hunter Hammersen's Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II. There are some great patterns in this book, and Hunter's sponsoring knitalongs on Ravelry to help those of us who look at patterns become those of us who knit patterns. The push is welcome.

The pattern is quite pretty. It's a 20 row chart of 8-stitch repeats. There are different charts for the left and right sock, so there's some nice mirroring happening.

I didn't enjoy these as much as I had hoped for one simple reason: I don't like this colorway.

Do you know who does enjoy these colors? My mom.

Hello, finished Christmas present. Welcome!

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  1. Well, you win the sticktoitiveness award. Way to have a Christmas present done 124 days before Christmas!