Monday, January 28, 2013

Fraternal Perianth

I love yarn with long color repeats. I have not yet decided if I love it on these mittens, though.

I think I do.

Perianth Mittens (mine ravelled here),
knit in Knitpicks' Capretta in Black and Chroma in Lollipop

The mittens are the exact same pattern, but because the rounds are not symmetrical, each one looks different. The pattern on the palm of the green/yellow one is on the back of the hand of the orange/pink one and vice versa.

I did two-color ribbing for the cuff. The knits are normal and the purls are twisted. I could pretend this is a design feature executed after careful aesthetic consideration, but the truth is that I knit them using the combination style and was too lazy to untwist the purl stitches.

They were very tight before blocking, but, once again, blocking does magical things. My mitten blockers are very high tech. I have two pieces of cardboard for the body of the hands and two small pieces for the thumbs. I wrap each of these in bits of plastic grocery bags and cram them inside the mitten. Please try not to be jealous of my fancy tools. You, too, can have such mitten blockers.

These mittens also look awesome with my tattoo.


  1. They look great! I have no high-tech mitten blockers -- and will need to block my first set of mittens soon -- so thanks for the great idea!

  2. I just pinned out my last pair, but I seem to do fingerless ones, so I have yet to need this type of high tech blocker. Kudos on your mad blocking skilz. They look great!

  3. hello,
    definitely they look great !, I've just started this mittens and I like to see yours, that encourages me :)
    I would like to ask you something btw, do you know what means the middle row (in the mittens chart)?:
    after the 27 first stitchs there's a one stitch, alone, between the left and the right side of the pattern. I don't know if is the first one of the second side (left on the chart) or.. the last one?.. can you please help me with this doubt?
    thanks in advance