Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mmmm, a List

I've reached the point in a couple of projects where I'm bored and ready to think about something new! shiny! pretty! I'll plug on because That's Who I Am, but here are the things I'm really thinking about.

Thermal Pullover by Allyson Dykhuizen

This is from the latest issue of knit.wear, which is a magazine I love and wish they'd just let me subscribe to instead of paying a million dollars (or $15, but still) every time it comes out. Those of you who know me know that knitting a pullover is a big step. I'm fearful of them. Still, I think this sweater is beautiful, and I'm going to try it. There's no rational reason to be afraid of pullovers. There's no rational reason to be afraid of pullovers. There's no rational reason to be afraid of pullovers.

I'm going to knit it in this yarn.

Quilted Lattice Mitts

I'm going to knit these for Rachel. I've had a major breakthrough about knitting for Rachel. She loves my knitting more than anyone else in the world, and I've decided that I don't have to wait until Christmas or her birthday to give her stuff. If I want to knit something for her, I will. So there.

I'm going to knit these in this yarn.

Herringbone Rib Aviator Hat

Andrew picked out this earflap hat he wants. He takes being cold as a personal offense, and I am always happy to knit him whatever he wants. He's my favorite.

I'm not going to lie: It helps that he likes color and doesn't want me to knit him beige clothing. He picked this yarn for the hat. He has very good taste.

I've also been thinking about mittens. I don't need another pair of mittens (my love for the Swirly Ones remains pure), but there are some cute ones out there that won't stop calling to me.

There are so many beautiful things to make. It's really a shame that I'm expected to do other things like work and pay bills.

I didn't take any of these photos. They're all from the sites that I've linked.


  1. I have admired the Jaberwocky, but when it came to choosing one for my Amazon wishlist, I settled on Supercolourfragilistic.

    There is no rational reason to be afraid of pullovers...esp. pretty Blackberry ones! (and won't you be layering anyway, so you can peel it off if you need to. Nothing to fear!

    1. and yes, pls make some Cloisonees --I'd like to know how difficult that pattern is/how bad the end weaving in part will be. :)