Thursday, June 7, 2012

Better Than Ice Cream

Yesterday was a difficult day, and I felt the call of Dairy Queen on the way home. I decided it would make me feel worse instead of better, so I went to the Garden Center instead.

I was just going to get some good vibes from the flowers. I wasn't really shopping for plants.

...So, anyway, want to meet the new guys?

Origanum rotundifolium, 'Kent Beauty' oregano (my cell phone photo)

This plant is new to me, and it's stunning. It's an ornamental oregano, and besides having very nice, small, striped leaves, the blossoms are gorgeous. It's supposed to be a groundcover, so I planted it in the east bed to try to fill out an area while I wait (impatiently) for other things to get to be a decent size.

Geranium sanguineum 'Album' '(photo credit)

As much as I dislike annual geraniums, I love perennial ones. To me, they don't look like geraniums at all. I also planted this in my east bed where another plant died. I'm hopeful it will fill out like the one in the above photo.

The last purchase isn't a surprise.

Helleborus 'Ivory Prince' (photo credit)

I've planted at least three of these, and every one has died. I bought one from Burpee, one from the Garden Center, and tried to split one at work. Failure every time. I told the garden center person this, and she was confused. It's an easy plant. It's drought tolerant. She was trying very hard to be understanding and said, "Well, we've had two very difficult summers, and you're buying this one early enough that it should have no problem getting established by fall..." Right! It will be different this time! When I planted it last night, I lovingly gave it some organic dry fertilizer and said nice words to it. I tried to not discuss my previous failures in front of it. This time will be different.

Don't judge me. It's better than a Blizzard.


  1. Yes, it is! I love them all!!! :) I wish them well! :)

  2. And they'll last way longer than a blizzard, too! Lovely.