Friday, June 24, 2011

Letter to a New Love

Dear Seattle,

I love you.  I love your iconic images.

I love your stunning architecture.

I love your EMP (Experience Music Project)

and your Battlestar Galactica exhibit in the Sci-Fi Museum.

I love that I can take the monorail for $4 roundtrip.

I love your Pike Place Market.  Oh, how I love this market.

I love that you understand how vitally important coffee is to the existence of the human race (or, at least, me).

I love that you can buy beautiful fresh flowers.

I love your quirkiness.

I love your ferry system and that for $7.10 we can take the ferry to Bainbridge Island and back, just to enjoy the ride.

I even love your gulls, though I doubt I would if I lived with them all the time.

Although my expectations were unattainably high for Archie McPhee, I still love this company and the fact that there's a giant sign on the outside of the building that says, "Less talk, more monkey."

I love it when your beauty shows up in unexpected places.

I love the Fremont neighborhood's sense of self-importance mixed with humor.

I love your rhododendrons.  I have checked into adding some of these into my yard and have found that my alkaline soil has foiled me again.  Sigh. 

I can't tell you how much I love Theo Chocolates.

And, finally, I love your ocean.

Please don't worry about my departure.  My plan to convince my friends and family to participate in a mass exodus from the Midwest into your gloriousness is afoot.


  1. Splendid photos! Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. I would move there with you. I mean, I've never actually *been* there, but you've convinced me of its awesomeness :)