Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I See

I started wrapping presents tonight, and it made me think about the fact that we give lots of Christmas ornaments as gifts. 

This is a new tree we bought from Ikea on a whim.  I have fallen madly, passionately in love with it.  The slightest touch will make the tree wobble and ornaments slide off their precarious perches and crash into one another.  Naturally, we put it outside the cat door because we're smart like that.

Despite its dubious location, it's a great illustration of why we seem to give ornaments that are only used for a few weeks a year.  When I look at this

I see New Orleans. 

When I look at this

 I see Guatemala.

And when I look at this

I see something I made myself when I was hanging out with friends, and I think about all those people who have similar ornaments they made that same night.

Happy decorating to everyone celebrating Christmas in this way! 
I hope everyone celebrating Hanukkah had a great final night.
Whatever you choose to do to celebrate light in the midst of darkness, I hope it's meaningful and gives you joy like this metal, tree-shaped coil gives me.

Happy December, everyone.


  1. "Light in the midst of darkness..." Thank goodness there's a holiday at this time of year to make the short days and long nights more bearable! I will be so glad when we get past the winter solstice and the days start getting longer.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I LOVE this tree! When my husband and I were married many moons ago--we asked only for Christmas ornaments. Every year when I decide I can "handle" the task of getting the Big Tree going--I am taken back to each and every gift we received and who gave it to us!