Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Very Tiny Bit of the Bug

If you were around last year, you may remember that I had a bit of a falling down with regard to knitted Christmas ornaments.  This year I decided to make only one ornament, which would be given to my in-laws.  Last Christmas, they gave me a kit with yarn and patterns for ornaments, so they deserved to get the first ornament I made from that kit.

It's so adorable that they only reason I've been able to abstain from knitting more is that I'm currently obsessed by these.


  1. Adorable! Have you ever knitted clothing for your pets? Perhaps an untapped market for cuteness? I'm just sayin'....

    Oh, and count me SUPER impressed if you're knitting those gloves that say "Let it Snow." Wow. Freakin' awesome. And maybe someday you'll knit me a pair, too?