Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Morning glory vine is beautiful. It has lovely heart-shaped leaves along delicate tendrils of vine.

It will also strangle every plant it gets its tendrils on. To remove it, you need to carefully unwrap it from the plant it's climbing; if you tug you'll pull out the plant you are trying to save as well as the vine.

But, man, it's beautiful. It always makes me think of a Small Potatoes lyric from the song "Hope (Robin's Song):

So I looked around for something hopeful 
that I could send to you--
looked all day and half the night.
And there in the storefronts and the sidewalks
I saw a skinny little vine
climbing a traffic light.
From the pines down to the projects,
life pushes up through the cracks,
and it's always going forward, and it's never going back.

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