Monday, May 23, 2016

Cutting Garden

Friends of ours are redoing their deck, which meant they had some composite boards that could be repurposed.

Yes, please.

Said friend was so nice he cut them into 4' lengths and screwed them to cedar posts. 

Andrew and I finished screwing them together and placed them behind our veg garden. Our soil is so horrible that we use raised beds and throw compost around every chance we get.

It was harder than I anticipated because the compost was in the way. I'd moved it in a big pile earlier in the season, and it needed to be shifted to get the beds in and somewhat level. Andrew finished shoveling in the compost because he loves me and is a saint.

I planted a couple tomatoes that I didn't have room for in the veg garden*, four zucchini seeds, some dahlias I'd dug up last year and overwintered in the garage, and a bunch of random flower seeds. I have no idea if any of the flower seeds will sprout. (Some of them were quite old.) It's worth a try though, and I'm deeply enamored with the idea of having a cutting garden. A cutting garden feels very English country home to me, which probably says something about how many British mysteries I read more than anything else. Hopefully I'll have some dahlias, sunflowers, wildflowers, and green zinnias to bright up our house this summer!

*I know better than to go with a fellow gardening enthusiast to the garden center. There was no voice of reason present. We both ended up with too many tomato plants... among other things.

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  1. That Andrew is something else! So glad you found each other.