Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Simplest is Best

Trying to figure out what to say when I arrived at work:

"Sorry I'm a few minutes late. I was trying to sand the superglue off my fingers."

Too weird.

"Sometimes when I make things, I get too impatient."

This is not your fault. Superglue is superglue. 
No one has used it without getting it on one's fingers. 
It is a physical impossibility.

"One way I show people I care about them is to make them things."

No. What if everyone at work thinks I don't like them 
because I don't make them things?

"I had a little mishap that needed to be handled."

Terrible idea. My coworkers love drama. 
"Mishap" will become something like, "She burned down her house in a fit of rage."

"Sorry I was late."