Monday, June 29, 2015


For the past several years, we've hung a fern on the porch during the summer. Despite the fact that it's constantly getting twirled around by the wind, birds seem to like it.

I sent the egg photo to my mom, who became very concerned that the brown speckled egg was a cowbird and needed to be removed. I didn't, and it never hatched. 

The other five did! They're red finches. There were three adults who seemed to pay attention to the babies. There is probably a very reasonable explanation for that. I choose to believe that they were a nontraditional family.

They became fluffier and fluffier.

It seemed as if the only time they were awake was when a parent brought food. They seemed to turn consciousness on and off at will.

sooo sleepy

I was relieved to see them start to develop feathers. It made them much more bird-like and less alien-like.

They looked very much like adult (albeit small) birds at the end. The next time I checked the nest, they were all gone.

I kept trying to think of things to do to help them. Should I put birdseed near the nest for the parents? Should I put the fern on the ground of the porch so the babies don't fall? I was able to resist the urge to tinker with the natural order of things, and everything turned out just fine. I'll enjoy wondering if any of the birds at our backyard feeders are these little guys.

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