Friday, March 27, 2015

Knitting Therapy

I've been feeling blue, and a friend suggested I should drop what I'm currently knitting* and start something simple and soothing.

Naturally, I head for self-striping yarn and sock needles. In this case, my favorite sock yarn and my new set of needles from Signature Needle Arts that I was given for my birthday. 

Knitpicks' Felici yarn in Blackberry Jam (discontinued)

Thew newest issue of Knitty has a pattern, Geek Socks, that are written for self-striping yarn. They're pretty easy--we'll see if I still say that at the end of the sock--and they're fun. They use a simple slipped stitch pattern to make the stripes wiggle, and you start the slipped stitches at the moment you get to a new color as opposed to when you get to the end of a round. It's enjoyable to watch for the next color, and yet it's easy enough that I knit last night while reading an ebook and serving as a napping spot for Nocturne the cat.

mine ravelled here

I think this is just the break I need. Happy Friday, everyone!

*I'm currently knitting this cowl (no clicking, Holly!), which is quite pretty. However, it's now long enough that after every round I need to unwind it and/or the colored yarn, which gets old. It's also at that awkward stage where it doesn't get any longer despite adding rows. In other words, it's being a jerk and needs a time out.


  1. holy instant gratification for me! a blog post AND I get to play voyeur to your pretty sock knitting?!? WINNING :)

  2. I just bought some sock yarn on a trip and am going to try this pattern! Those look awesome. Can't wait to see them finished.