Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't Should On Yourself

I have gotten bogged down by the shoulds:

  • I  should eat that butternut squash my cousin gave me. She grew it! It's horrible to let it go to waste.
  • I should cook more.
  • I should figure out what to do with the strainer full of tomatoes from the garden that are getting old in my fridge.
  • I should eat the mushrooms I got in the bin. Organic produce is a luxury, and I should not be wasting it.
  • I should read more books, especially the ones people have given me.
  • I should do more yoga.
  • I should be tracking my food on Weight Watchers more faithfully.
  • I should be making more Christmas presents.
  • I should be making something other than Christmas presents so I could blog about them.
It's gotten overwhelming, this litany in my head. How to combat it? I should meditate more.



  1. you don't need to do these things to measure up. You're already perfect, as is.


  2. You *should* be having more fun :)

  3. I think I answered this, but it poofed. Perhaps a sign because I used "should" in my sentence? I'll rephrase; it's OK to slow down, let go, breathe.

    How come I can give good advice but not follow it myself?