Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I meant to start a pair of socks that I could do without thinking.

Instead, I started Riff.

Riff socks (mine ravelled here),
knit in Knitpicks' Felici Sport in Stream Bed colorway

They're toe-up, which isn't my favorite, but I'm really enjoying them regardless. The gusset is very, very long, and I think I'm going to do the foot and leg with the directions for the medium size and the gusset/heel as if a small. We'll see if that works.

My love for Felici yarn knows no bounds. It's my very favorite yarn. Since I've only been knitting since 2006, I'm a little worried that this soft yarn is going to wear out quickly and I'll learn to hate it. It took me awhile to start socks and probably longer to discover Knitpicks, so many of my Felici socks haven't gotten a lot of wear.

That concern aside, I am endlessly amused by self-striping yarns, and Knitpicks has spoken to a deep hoarding instinct by making the colorways limited runs. Right now, I'm looking at the Felici sport page and wondering how many balls of Monochrome I need. I think the answer is more than the two I already own.

The only thing that is keeping me from placing an order with a gift certificate very kindly given to me by a friend is that I need another skein of Cobblestone Heather Biggo to finish the Clara Cowl. That yarn is backordered, so I'm waiting for it to become available before ordering anything.

Still, a pair of socks for $4.60? I'm having a hard time resisting.

I am pretty deeply enmeshed in the fiber world online, but I very, very frequently read about people's yarn experiences and learn about a yarn I've never heard of. If you knit, crochet, or are otherwise someone who thinks about yarn rather more than the general population understands, would you be so kind as to leave a comment letting me know what your favorite yarn is? Thanks!


  1. So far, my faves are Handmaiden Casbah and Prism Saki. I do wish you well with your Knit Picks holding up. I have some sock yarn from them, but haven't used it yet.

    1. I haven't used either of those! Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Pretty much anything by Malabrigo or Lorna's Laces! Lately I've also been enchanted with Madeline Tosh. And if you like limited runs and pretty colors, there's a shop in Cambridge (Boston) called Mind's Eye Yarns and their sock club is do die for. Dye for? AHahah! I slay me.

  3. Cascade Heritage! Although looking at my Ravelry page, I don't see a clear favorite. Maybe I'm hoarding it!