Friday, July 22, 2011

July Is Not For Knitters

When it is four million degrees outside, knitting is perhaps not the ideal hobby.  Even though the vast majority of my life is lived in air conditioning, I have trouble believing it will ever get cold again.  If it will never be cold, there is little need for anything knitted.  How many washcloths can I make?  More importantly, how many washcloths can I give away before people begin avoiding me?

I also believe it will never rain.  I'm pretty sure the future will stretch out in one long, brown, crunchy line.*  On July 1, I had a rain barrel installed.  It sits empty and sad.

Despite all this, I am still knitting, mostly because I can't sit in front of a television without yarn.  I've knit a bulky cowl, which I'll show you when it doesn't make me feel faint to put it around my neck, and I just started this scarf/hood hybrid that my mother-in-law wants. 

Photo courtesy of Mary Maxim

I'm trying to have faith, but it's hard.  July is not for knitters.

*This is an excellent time to point out that says that Seattle is 70 degrees today.  SEVENTY DEGREES.  Why are my friends and family so insistent that we do not move there?

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