Thursday, February 24, 2011

Temperance's Karma

I present to you the completed NOLA Temperance socks:

I have just the sense of humor to be amused by knitting a pattern named Temperance in a yarn I bought in a city not known for said trait.

I talk a lot of talk about karma and Buddha and reincarnation and so forth, but these socks have really made me wonder if karma is transferred to things.  Most of my brain says that the whole idea that my possessions could be influenced by my personality is hooey.

A tiny part of my brain, however, says this:
  • The experience of purchasing this yarn was unpleasant.
  • When I tried to knit a pattern purchased specifically for this yarn, it didn't work.
  • After ripping that out and trying a different pattern, it was too big.
After ripping out and trying the pattern again on smaller needles, it worked.  BUT....
  • I found that I knit half a repeat too much on the second sock and had to rip out again.
  • When I finished the sock at lunch and went to triumphantly place them on my feet, I found a dropped stitch.  The only real option was to try to pick it up as best I could and sew it down with a scrap of yarn, which I did.  The only other time I've lost a stitch and not seen it until the project was complete was with one of my very first washcloths. I remember my stitch count being off during the toe decreases of this sock, and because I explained it away using logic that I now know is false since finding said dropped stitch, I am in a state of fear that there is a second stitch dropped somewhere.  
  • As I walked back to my office in my newly-completed socks, my left shoe started squeaking.
I gave these a nice long soak in lovely wool wash and gently blocked them using my very nicest sock blockers.  Maybe I'll find a way out of this yet...


  1. Ta da!! They are lovely.


  2. dropped stitch or not, they look great!